My Background

The Feminine is always at the core of my work, whether depicted in a female form or through the sensuous curves and lines of an object or flowing form. I am always inspired to create beauty, serenity and a sense of calm.

Even though I may be able to achieve this sense of calm through my sculptures, the state of ‘Nirvana’ is always a step ahead of me! I have always searched for freedom and adventure, to experience life to the fullest. In my earlier years this led me to travel the globe and experience and number of amazing jobs including professional sports team  trainer, art teacher and tutor, holistic therapist and yogalates instructor.

I always pushed myself to the limit both with regard to my work as well as my own physical training in multi-sports, but I later came to realise that my strength needed to come from an inner place as opposed to my external desires and so returning to my art was the start of a journey of discovery.  I found there was a strong urge for the feminine to start expressing herself, even if it felt really uncomfortable at times. 

In 2018, after what felt like years of an endless creative block, I decided to travel again,  to take time away from exhibiting and designing. A few words from a dear friend and sculptor “just free carve” and I found my spark reignited. I became drawn to the beauty and resilience of battered rocks, finding it important to often keep part of the carving raw, as it was when the stone was found. Now, almost any piece of rock draws me in!

Ultimately, I feel so grateful to be able to work so closely with nature, to feel a design and flow with it. I am excited knowing that I am at the start of a new  journey with my work – into discovering and depicting my truth in a simpler, perhaps a more raw and powerful way. 

’New Life’ Fossilised Portland Stone