Jo Ansell

Artist’s Statement










Gallery 2010-17

’A Celebration of the Female’

My Sculptures embody the feminine – her moods, sensuality, purity and charm. Elements of nature are apparent within the forms and limbs often become origins of a flowing line or swirl.

There have been no definable influences on my style only my own growth and awareness – Because of this my designs are constantly changing and evolving.

Simplicity, curves and the flow of the line are essential, however, to capture the female and her ‘inner being’ in her many emotive states has always been my inspiration and motivation.

Gallery 2018-19

The Rise of the Feminine’

As seen in my previous gallery, my work has always represented the feminine- her strength, serenity, beauty and the Mother Earth connection. However two years ago I hit a wall- physically as well as creatively ( ..really challenging for a fitness fanatic and artist !) But, as I had learnt the hard way over a decade ago, I knew the freeze was a message for me to return to my quiet inner voice as opposed to forging ahead by my action driven self !

Last year I decided to travel again and try out some different stones – to take time out from shows and designing. Then with the help of three words from a wonderful heart driven artist and friend “Just free carve”, I found my spark re-ignited!

I found myself drawn to the beauty of battered pieces of rock ..soon realising the battered appearance of the stone represented to me the battering our planet endures – yet her beauty is still emanating and her resilience so powerful.

There is no great a way for me to connect with Mother Nature than to work directly with her, to feel the stone and and flow with its design. It is still early days, but I know there is a stronger voice now echoing in my work.  The only way I can describe it is that I am now not only portraying the essence of the feminine, but also the voice of the feminine – a heart centred,  compassionate and nurturing approach to life and a deep respect for our planet.

For those who know me well, know how passionately I feel about nature and our wildlife. I’ve always looked for ways I can do ‘my bit ‘ conservation  wise,  but I’m now seeing how my work is also helping me express my passion, my truth.

I hope viewers will resonate with my pieces and go away with a deeper appreciation for the natural environment – to see every part of nature as sacred and integral and to treasure its beauty.

My Background

I studied in Sussex gaining a BA Honours in Art & Related Arts and then in Oxford where I obtained a Post Graduate in Art and Design Education. Always looking for outlets with which to express my creativity, I spent many years travelling and working with a combination of the visual arts, teaching, health & fitness and the healing arts. I have had some amazing experiences along the way and always benefited greatly from the opportunities that were given to me.

I found my love of stone carving several years ago starting out with a handcrafted stone. This special medium was a hands on process from start to finish. Firstly the making of the stone (a variety of specialist sands, minerals and caen limestone or marble), the carving (done with a variety of hand tools) and to finish the sanding.

I now focus on beautiful quarried stones that I source globally,  but continue to hand carve each piece.