I always welcome commissions so please feel free to ask me any queries you may have. 

We can firstly discuss the various stones that are available as well as the rough sizing you are looking for. I can then create some sketches for you to choose from, unless you are happy for me to go away and intuitively free carve you a creation!  

I will always keep you updated with how I am getting on and photographs of the sculpture emerging along the way!

I normally ask for a 30% commission upfront to to go towards the materials and the remainder on receipt of the sculpture.

About the various stones I use:

Quarried stone

The quarried  stones I have been using over the last couple of years have mainly come from Europe. Portugal has some beautiful limestones & marbles which are very dense and hard. I also enjoy using British Portland and Purbeck limestone as well as Spanish Alabaster.

I have recently found myself drawn to boulders and enjoy sensing what is wanting to emerge from the stone. These creations are a step away from my ladies  yet still retain the feminine sensuous curves and serenity that I aim to portray through my sculptures.

Depending on the availability and freighting of the stone and then the carving and polishing, these can take take anything from a month for small pieces to, what has been so far, four months for larger pieces. The fun of sanding these rocks is seeing the subtle patterns and colouring of the stone emerge and, with alabaster the translucency.

My hand crafted stone

I started out with my hand crafted stone many years ago. This is a hands-on process from start to finish …firstly the making of the stone block from a mix of natural ingredients and then the carving and sanding. It is a much quicker process for me than carving quarried stone as I can carve the bulk of the waste material off before the stone has fully cured. The  result is a very natural looking stone.

In comparison to quarried stone, it much more porous and is a much lighter material due to the mineral content. Due to to its porous nature it can patina a lot quicker than the quarried stones if placed outside, however many people enjoy the natural patina-ing of the stone, especially when placed in a garden setting. There is a choice of giving the sculpture a natural  ‘limewash’ , which not only helps protect the stone but also adds a breathable membrane to the stone, a protective layer and also a beautiful white appearance. 

Clients can usually receive these within a month of commissioning.