Available Sculptures

‘Freedom’ Semi Relief in Purbeck Stone mounted on a steel base

140 x 100 x 80cm

On exhibit at Pashley Manor Gardens, Kent.


‘Tears of Gaia’ Atlas Soapstone

Stone 39cm height- with oak plinth 69 x 19.5 x 19cm


‘Nikita’ Handcrafted Stone

80 x 30 x 25cm


‘Valentina’ Handcrafted Stone

78 x 34 x 24cm

On exhibition at Borde Hill Gardens from May 7th.


‘New Life’ Semi Relief in Fossilised Portland Stone

Stone 122cm height. To be mounted with stone plinth 155 x 65 x 35cm. On exhibit at Borde Hill Gardens from May 7th.


‘Pearl‘ Alabaster from Aragon

21 x 27 x 23cm


‘Anja‘ Portland Stone

60 x 27 x 24cm