My work

The two pieces have made our home a more beautiful place to live, thank you for putting your spirit into them.” Tony Skinner. Professional guitarist. East Sussex.

It is challenging to write about oneself, and for me especially, my own visual form of expression. I decided to sift through the wonderful selection of thank you cards and emails from clients to find the later quote, which summed up my philosophy perfectly. 

Flow and calm are ways of being that I continually strive to be immersed in. They are elusive and yet when one find oneself there they are both beautiful and magical, even if short lived.

My objective with every sculpture I carve is to create something beautiful, something that flows with its curves and lines. A creation that when the viewer observes it there is an internal as well an external shift in them, taking them into a harmonious way of being.

When I sculpt I am fully immersed in this natural state of being, even if at challenging times throughout the sculpting process I step out as my head questions my actions! I am completely self taught with stone carving and I do not work from a maquette, nor do I measure, it is full trust in the flow of the creation.  

We can never compete with Mother Nature, but for me, discovering a little mystery within each piece of stone I acquire both excites and motivates me. There is also a very feminine element in every sculpture and each one also holds its own unique feminine quality, whether it be charm, serenity or a touch of mystery. 

A section of ‘Pearl’, Translucent Alabaster