I always welcome commissions so please feel free to ask me any queries you may have. 

We can firstly discuss the various stones that are available as well as the rough sizing you are looking for. I can then create some sketches for you to choose from, unless you are happy for me to go away and intuitively free carve you a creation!  

I will always keep you updated with how I am getting on and photographs of the sculpture emerging along the way!

I normally ask for a 30% commission upfront to to go towards the materials and the remainder on receipt of the sculpture.

‘Morphe’ Limestone. Commission. 2013

The statue is magnificent , it was exactly what I wanted and is perfect in every way , I have sent you pictures but I can 100% say that the pictures do no justice to the statue …I thankyou so much for providing the last piece of the jigsaw on my 7 year build project “ Wayne Paterson. Architect and landscape designer. Bedfordshire

“she brings a smile to my face every morning I first ‘rediscover’ her. In fact, I’ve set up a little guitar area just to the side of her and have been inspired to write a whole new collection of acoustic guitar pieces – so THANK YOU for helping with that spiritual inspiration”
Tony Skinner. Professional guitarist. Bexhill on Sea.

“…the serenity and simplicity of the form became a focus for meditation while listening to music and soon became part of our home.” Keith & Ann Brannon. Architects. Kent.

Every time I go upstairs I am uplifted of the joy of your ‘lovers’ it it is flowing, calm and almost transcendent, the curves meditative and magical”  Mrs M .Vine. Hastings

Your sculptures have an enduring quality . When I first saw your sculptures it was in a garden setting, and they took my breath away. The sensuous curves and the beautiful tactile stone looked so elegant and I loved the way I kept on wanting to look at them. It’s the curves and twists that really draw me to them, suggesting something more about emotions that are felt rather than seen.I knew these would be something that I’d never tire of and would enjoy for many years.” Leila Godden. Contemporary Painter. East Sussex.

About the various stones I use:

The quarried stones I have been using mainly come from Europe. Portugal has some beautiful limestones which are very dense and beautifully patterned. I enjoy using the later as well as British Portland and Purbeck limestone for larger pieces especially.
Alabaster and Carrara marble polish beautifully. Alabaster has a wonderful translucency but, due to its salt content, can only be kept inside. It is best shown with back lighting and can withstand high temperatures.

I am always keen to source unique stones if you have a distinct colour or finish you desire.

Depending on the availability and freighting of the stone and then the carving and polishing, these can take take anything from a month for small pieces to, what has been so far three months for larger pieces.

‘New Life’ Fossilised Limestone 2019