My background

Coming from a multisports adrenaline filled background, it took me a long time to accept the very feminine designs coming through in my work when, back in 2003, physical burnout led me back to my art.

I had originally started out with a fine arts degree and a postgraduate in art and design before I stepped away from art for over a decade. My initial fascination in art was with the structure of the human form. I loved life drawing and welding sheet steel and wrought iron figures that defined the muscular system. The latter was also a form of art that appeased my love of doing anything physical! 

 After a short period of teaching art, my search for adventure and my love of multi sports led me to travel and experience amazing jobs around the globe including professional sports team trainer, as well as running my own fitness  and Pilates studio. I was continuously eager to learn more about our physical bodies, but this inevitably led me to a more holistic awareness, as I learnt that our physical health is intrinsically part of our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

 I had to dive deep to heal the ‘overly driven’ aspect of myself that led to my burn out- it is an ongoing journey, but my quest for Nirvana is now my new goal. My art spoke before I consciously knew what my true self needed, and what my essence is really about. 

Below is a small selection of my original sculptures which embody the feminine, the flow and serenity, elements that continue to be characteristic of my work.